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Meditation 4: Man's Salvation, by Richard Allestree.

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation, hath appeared unto all men. Titus 2:11

Why art thou perplexed, O my soul? and why art thou dubious of the mercy of God? Remember thy Creator, who created thee without thy assistance; who formed thee in secret, in the lower parts of the earth, Ps. 139. 15. He who took care of thee before thou were born: Will his providence neglect thee, now thou art fashioned after his own image? To thee, the Great Creator, does thy unworthy creature address himself: Though my nature is infected by Satan, and wounded by thieves, which are my sinful corruptions; yet my Creator liveth.

He which made me, can renew me: He that created me without any evil, can chase all evil from me; whatsoever has gained admittance by the Devil's suggestions, Adam's prevarication, or my own actions; yea, though it has over-spread my whole substance. The Almighty never hated his own workmanship: We are before him, like clay in the hands of the potter. Had he hated me, certainly he would never have created me when I was nothing: He is the Saviour of all men, but especially of them that believe, 1 Tim. 3. 10. He created me wonderfully, and redeemed me miraculously; but his love was never so highly expressed, than in his wounds and passion.

Surely we were indulgently beloved, for whose sakes the only begotten Son of God is sent from the bosom of his Father. Dear was the price of our redemption, and great was the mercy of our Redeemer: To make us rich, he embraced poverty; for he had not where to lay his head, Mat. 8. 20. To make us the sons of the most high, he condescends to become man; and does not, after he had accomplished our redemption, neglect us, but still intercedes for us, Rom. 8. 34.

Let my sins, Satan, and all the powers of darkness accuse me, in Jesus my Mediator will I trust, who is greater than my accusers. Let my weakness affright me, yet in his strength will I glory. For the sufficiency of my merit I am familiarly acquainted, my merits is not sufficient; it suffices me, that he is propitious against whom I have sinned; and whatsoever he has decreed not to impute, will be performed; and all guilt, with the price of his most precious blood, shall be done away.

Let it not then perplex me, that my sins, though many, and of such a magnitude discomfort me: For were I not oppressed, and heavy laden with sins, what need I earnestly request Christ's righteousness? Had I no distemper, I had no necessity to implore the Physician's help: but I am spiritually sick; and he who is the Lord our Righteousness, is both our Saviour and Physician. Lord, I am sick, a sinner, and condemned; and upon the Grand Inquest of my conscience, pronounce my self guilty: but have mercy on me, O my Physician, my Saviour, and my Righteousness!


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